The 99frames project was created by David Drayton (former Maxon employee) to encourage people to experiment with CINEMA 4D and it’s outstanding features by following an open brief, where the only rules would be that the animation would be to be done using one or more Cinema 4d new tools and have exactly 99 frames.
I entered in the 2011 project submitting my animation “The Ride”, where I have been awarded 1st place.

Following the 99frames rules, “The Ride” animation was created by me from concept to production.
Having the word “frame” as concept, I started to explore the idea around the relation between what we see in photo and what was around it that wasn’t captured by the camera.
With that in mind and thinking about the limitation of the 99 frames length, I had the idea that nothing better to explain the “frame” concept, than try to show both sides of a cinema set, what the camera is capturing and behind the camera.

Client. 99 Frames / Personal
Role. Animation, CG, Design